Sandwich Weatherglass

Sandwich Weatherglass

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An original and unique version of the ever popular weather glass.

A few years ago, The Weather Store commissioned a local glass blower to improve upon the conventional weather glass. Not only did we wish to improve the quality and appearance of the glass itself, but we also wanted a more functional instrument. By combining artistic elements, a slight design change, and a better bracket/drop catcher, we are confident this is the finest weather glass available.

Individually made with traditional glass blowing techniques, each weather glass incorporates a larger reservoir, colored glass (clear spout for readings), and details rarely found on other glasses. Wrought iron bracket holds weather glass away from wall to showcase the beauty of the instrument. Hand molded drop catcher is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. Cannot rust or stain!

Dimensions (approx.) 18"H x 6"W. Note: each Sandwich Weather Glass varies a bit from the one pictured here. Availability and color selection can be in short supply, please contact before ordering.

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