A barometer is a popular weather instrument that measures atmospheric air pressure. Generally, when the pressure is high or rising, you can expect clear cool weather. And when the pressure is low or falling you can expect warmer more unsettled weather. Check your barometer in the morning and align the set hand with the barometer needle. When you check the barometer later you will see the direction the air pressure is trending, you will have a short term forecast of your local weather!

The Weather Store features the finest selection of digital barometers and analog barometers for your home, business, or professional application. We offer analog and digital barometers in the following styles:

Aneroid Barometers - The popular style whereby air pressure is measured using a reliable mechanical sensor. Aneroid barometers are known for their proven dependability, great accuracy, ease of use, and affordability. Available in a wide range of styles.

Antique Mercury Barometers - A very early and traditional method for measuring air pressure is to observe a column of mercury within a vertical glass tube. Mercury barometers are popular with collectors and the experienced weather observer. The Weather Store offers antique mercury barometers for sale. Special handling and shipping considerations must be made with all mercury barometers.

Digital Barometers - Modern technology has made these barometers increasingly popular for many reasons. Compact size, contemporary styling, special features, and affordability make digital barometers a great choice for many.