Cupolas by Cape Cod Cupola

Cupolas by Cape Cod Cupola are individually constructed of locally grown Eastern White Pine. Sanded and painted by hand, Cape Cod Cupolas receive two coats of quality primer followed by a coat of Benjamin Moore brilliant white exterior latex. The cupolas roofs are covered in 16 oz. sheet copper, hand nailed with copper nails. All curved roofs have soldered seams. Please choose between:


  • Cape Cod Style Cupola - 4 sided cupola with a straight roof.


  • Pagoda Style Cupola - 4, 6, and 8 sided cupolas with a curved (concave) roof.


  • Paddock Style Cupola - 6 and 8 sided cupola with shaped (bell) roof.


  Cape Cod Style Cupolas Pagoda Style Cupolas
      Paddock Style Cupolas Options for your Cape Cod Cupola
  Selecting the right size cupola


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