Prince of Wales Barometer

Prince of Wales Barometer

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The Prince of Wales Barometer is the finest reproduction barometer we offer at The Weather Store. Not only a decorative accessory; it is an accurate, functional barometer with thermometer.

A very fine copy of John Russell’s “Royal” barometer. Russell was watchmaker to the Prince of Wales later George IV. The case is made from solid mahogany and decorated with reverse painted glass panels, delicately executed in gold on a black background. Fitted with a temperature compensated aneroid movement and an enamel finish dial which is calibrated to allow pressure readings to 100th of an inch. The thermometer scale is silvered brass and is calibrated in Fahrenheit and the Royal Society scales. Twisted brass is mounted to the edge of the case which is crowned with the Prince of Wales feathers.

Reverse-painted glass tablets in gold leaf, above and below the dial. Solid 3" mahogany body, beveled glass dial. Solid brass crown and twisted brass decorate the instrument.

Truly a collectable, exceptional barometer, limited to 50 pieces a year. Each piece features and engraved plate with its individual number affixed to the back. Each instrument is accompanied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Specialy ordered from England.

Accuracy: ±0.08"hg.
Dimensions:40"H x 10.5"W.