Pagoda with Windows

Pagoda with Windows

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The Pagoda 4 sided cupola features Lexan windows instead of louvers. Add a hanging lantern to the inside of this cupola for a wonderful addition to your roofline. All cupolas are made of PVC (vinyl), copper roofs, and finished with a high quality exterior white paint. Custom colors available, please contact us for pricing.

Item #

Dimensions Maximum
Shipping Weight Price
#3 P-G 23X23X47h 9-12 2 over2 100 lbs $1790
#3.5 P-G 26.5X26.5X56h 11-12 2 over2 125 lbs $2065
#4 P-G 30X30X59h 9.5-12 3 over 3 140 lbs $2520
#36 P-G 36X36X67h 8-12 3 over 3 260 lbs $3270
#42 P-G 42X42X77h 9-12 4 over 4 320 lbs $4535
#48 P-G 48X48X85h 8-12 4 - 4 - 4 375 lbs $6075

Cupola shown is a #3 P-G with options: rigging for a hanging lantern and internal weathervane support. *Roof pitch is expressed as a ratio for every inch a roof drops over every inch it extends horizontally. For example, with a pitch of 8-12 (or 8/12), this roof drops 8" for every 12" it extends hoizontally. It is important to note your roof pitch when ordering. If your roof pitch exceeds the listed "Maximum Pitch" then a double base will need to be added to the cupola. If you have trouble determining this measurement, ask any competent roofer, builder, or architect.