Baltic Barograph

Baltic Barograph

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Superior performance and brilliant finish are hallmarks of the Baltic Barograph. The high-gloss mahogany cabinet has a hinged top with five glass windows. Inside, the precision movement is gold-plated for corrosion resistance and mirror finish. The heart of this barograph is a stack of eight polished aneroid capsules, assuring outstanding sensitivity to even the smallest pressure fluctuations. A 7-day quartz drive offers excellent timekeeping, and a felt pen gives trouble-free tracing. Evidence of ingenious construction is everywhere. The small screws which secure the windows are covered by rubber sleeves where they pass through the glass. Also, each side of the cabinet is one piece of mahogany - the entire hinged top has only five pieces. This construction is far stronger because there are fewer joints. The Baltic is built better.

Supplied with "AA" battery, cartridge felt-tip pen, and 100 weekly charts in your choice of 28.00-31.00 inches or 960-1060 millibars. Measures 10.5"L x 7"H x 6.25"D.

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