Options For Your Cape Cod Cupola

Cupolas come in many shapes & sizes. Often an architect may design a taller looking cupola, or one with an arch to blend the cupola to the garage door. It is possible to gain height in the midsection of the cupola simply by adding more louvres to the standard designs.

Other options include:

  • Patina copper finish
  • Double base
  • Internal weathervane support
  • Electrical wiring for lantern installation
  • Screening to keep insects out

Option prices vary by cupola size. If you are interested in adding some of these features to a cupola you are considering, please call us for prices. Listed below is an example of a cupola with some of the options mentioned.

#4 CC-S shown with options:

  • Rigged for Weathervane
  • Arch
  • 2 Extra Louvres
  • Double Base
  • Cut 10/12 Pitch


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