Selecting The Right Size Cupola

Choosing the right cupola for your building begins with two simple steps.

First, measure your roof ridgeline.

This is the length of roof where you wish to place the cupola. No need to measure your entire roofline, just the unbroken portion where the cupola will be.

Then, using a measurement ratio of 1" of cupola width for each 1' of ridgeline , calculate the cupola size needed. We find it best to go up to the next sized cupola model. Steeper buildings may require at least 1¼" of base per 1' of ridge.

Remember, cupolas may seem large at ground level or in the showroom, but once they are lifted atop your building, they get small in a hurry. It is much better to be a bit large than small.

Here is an example:

In this instance, a cupola measuring 24" wide or more would look best.

Secondly, find your roof pitch.

Roof pitch is expressed as a ratio for every inch a roof drops over every inch it extends horizontally. Using the above example of 8/12, this roof drops 8" for every 12" it extends hoizontally. It is also important to note your roof pitch when ordering. If your roof pitch exceeds the listed "Maximum Pitch" then a double base is simply added to the cupola. If you have trouble finding this measurement, ask any competent roofer, builder, or architect.

These are the only two measurements we need to be sure your cupola will not only fit, but also look the best. All that is left to do is decide which style is your favorite!

If you have any questions regarding these measurements or ratios, please call us toll-free at 1-800-646-1203 and we will be happy to assist you.


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