Octagonal Paddock Cupolas

Octagonal Paddock Cupolas are made of PVC (vinyl), copper roofs, and finished with a high quality exterior white paint. Custom colors available, please contact us for pricing.

Item #

Dimensions Maximum
Shipping Weight Price
#24" OCT-PX 24X41h 8-12 95 lbs $1900
#31" OCT-PX 31X52h 7-12 115 lbs $2760
#40" OCT-PX 40X63h 8-12 250 lbs $4220
#48" OCT-PX 48X77h 8-12 350 lbs $5480


*Roof pitch is expressed as a ratio for every inch a roof drops over every inch it extends horizontally. For example, with a pitch of 8-12 (or 8/12), this roof drops 8" for every 12" it extends horizontally. It is important to note your roof pitch when ordering. If your roof pitch exceeds the listed "Maximum Pitch" then a double base will need to be added to the cupola. If you have trouble determining this measurement, ask any competent roofer, builder, or architect.

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