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Home > Weather Wise > The Eco-Celli Barometer

How It Works

The Eco-celli is a new concept in liquid barometers with the precision of a mercury barometer without the mercury hazard. The Eco-celli looks similar to a traditional mercury barometer but the basic principle is completely different, based on the compressibility of gasses instead of the weight of liquid mercury. Looking at your Eco-celli, on the upper left-hand side of the barometer you can see the gas reservoir above the red fluid tube. The gas provides a constant counter-pressure against the atmospheric pressure.

High Pressure or Increasing Pressure:

Air pressure pushes down on the open side of the barometer tube onto the surface of the red fluid. The gas in the barometer will be compressed and you will notice the red fluid level in the right hand portion of the barometer tube falling. High pressure or increasing pressure indicates fair or improving weather.

Low Pressure or Decreasing Pressure:

When the air pressure decreases on the surface of the red fluid, the gas in the barometer will expand and the red fluid will rise in the right-hand portion of the barometer tube. Low pressure or decreasing pressure indicates foul weather or deteriorating weather conditions

A very important factor in measuring air pressure is the temperature. High temperatures will cause fluids and gases to expand causing an error in the readout of the barometer scale. The Eco-celli has solved that problem. On the right side of the Eco-celli is mounted a high precision thermometer parallel to the barometer tube. This thermometer has the same thermal expansion/compression rate as the barometer. With the help of a movable scale attached to both the barometer and thermometer tubes, you set the scale to the actual temperature (top of blue fluid level). The error caused by the temperature is automatically corrected and you can now read the correct air pressure. On the barometer scale, there is a slider. This is the tendency pointer. As you read the air pressure (top of red fluid) place the slider at that point. When air pressure fluctuations occur, the red fluid level will differ from the last position of your pointer. The difference is the indication of the coming weather. The amount and speed of the changes in air pressure give a good indication of when to expect weather changes. The weather forecast distributed on television and radio are only for a broad area and do not take into account factors such as forests, lakes, rivers, etc. These effects in meteorology are called “ the micro-climate”. With the help of your Eco-celli barometer, you will be able to make forecasts for your own “micro-climate” for a time interval of 6 to 12 hours in advance.

The Eco-celli remarkable and important advantages
  1. The barometer system does not contain any hazardous elements such as mercury, but it does contain fluid based on red-pigmented oil. The thermometer is filled with blue colored alcohol.

  2. The scale is 4 times larger than a standard mercury barometer and with the highly colored fluid, much easier to read.

  3. The barometer tubes are handcrafted out of high quality capillary glass. All glass tension is removed during production. This, together with the low specific gravity of the colored oil, insures safe movement and shipment of the barometer.

  4. Due to the unique construction of the Eco-celli, there are no problems moving the unit from place to place or even placing it vertically. The rising or falling of the red fluid will be reduced by the construction in order to prevent mixture of oil and gas.

Initial Setup

When you receive your Eco-celli barometer you will notice that the upper right-hand tube has a rubber hose with a rubber plug attached to its end.
  • Hang the barometer on a wall. If you notice gaps in the red fluid column, pinch the rubber tube between your thumb and pointing finger. You will see the gaps disappear.

  • Now remove carefully the rubber plug and rubber hose. Insert the hollow glass plug that was included with your Eco-celli into the end of the red fluid tube. This plug prevents dust from mixing with the fluid but allows air pressure to enter the tube.

  • The barometer is now fully functional. Please wait at least one hour before taking pressure readings. This allows the instrument to reach the same temperature as its surroundings.

Taking a Reading

Located between the barometer (red fluid) and thermometer (blue fluid) is the barometer scale. Once the unit has acclimatized with its surroundings, you may begin taking air pressure readings.

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